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Learn more about Design Thinking through online courses that allow you to go over concepts in depth with some including real world application.

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List of online pdf guides as well as books on Design Thinking which explain the process through the perspective of leaders in this field.

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Looking to earn a degree specializing in design thinking? Here are some Design Innovation programs as well as other degrees which teach this philosophy

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Additional resources such as design thinking companies, workshops, groups and blogs, and much more

History of Design Thinking

What is DesignThinkingInfo About?
Design Thinking has the potential to transform the world around us

Design thinking has transformed countless products, systems, and organizations and produced innovative solutions to complex problems. This powerful mentality gives those who learn and apply it creative confidence and many other benefits. is for anyone interested in design thinking, whether you just found out about it or you've been a long time user. This website contains sections such as an introduction for an overview of concepts, a resource guide for those looking further in depth, and a blog with relevant articles. Enjoy this site and feel free to contact us regarding anything you want to share!


Featured Organizations Centered Around Design Thinking
More companies here


Specialists in human factors, psychology, business, design, engineering and manufacturing provide full service consulting for product innovation and design


Frog transforms businesses by creating systems of brand, product, and service to deliver a better experience for their users and customers


Daylight is a user-centered innovation and design firm which identifies new opportunities, invents and evolves new products, services and software

Smart Design

Smart Design is a strategic design company that helps people live better and work smarter by bringing powerful products and experiences to the world


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