June 23, 2017



Welcome to the Design Thinking Info Resources section- a compilation of tools and informational sources to guide you on your journey.
Learn design thinking concepts and application through various online course options such as IDEO.U, Acumen, and Lynda
Take part in workshops led by experts in industry to learn in an hands on environment- or learn to lead your own!
Read into some insightful views and applications of design thinking through these easily available books and guides
Find out what today's biggest companies are doing with design thinking by viewing out their profiles and past projects
Looking for education programs centered with a emphasis in design thinking? Here is a list of some degree programs
If you're a visual learner this collection of videos will help you better understand what design thinking is about
Want to contribute to the community through design thinking? Find out ways to contribute no matter where you are
Curious about how design thinking came about? Here are good posts to learn about the origins of this field
Search through career opportunities which utilize design thinking with these common job boards for design centered work